Gemma is just one of the fuck buddies I know who visits me on a regular basis. I have several no strings attached relationships going on at the moment and all of the women are equally lovely but there is something about Gemma that makes her stand out from the rest.

She is a beautiful, intelligent young woman who is extremely confident in her approach to everything she does. It could be that it is her confidence that I find more appealing than anything else about her.

I have always been attracted to women who know what they want in life and will do virtually anything to achieve their own personal goals. There is a kind of sexiness that surrounds a woman like this. Gemma also has an amazing personality. She’s great fun to be with, day or night, and we also share lots of common interests.

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Waiting it Out

I honestly think I found the man of my dreams. The only problem with the whole situation is that he is from the Surrey escort agency. If only it wasn’t like that and I had met him somewhere else. He was so sweet and more handsome than I could ever dream of. I am feeling slightly bummed out today due to the fact that I will not be seeing him again anytime soon. So, here I sit in London with a bottle of wine next to me, hanging out at my hotel. Boredom is really starting to hit and I know I should have asked someone to come on the trip with me. This my friends, is just to hard to bare on my own. I can’t go out alone, I feel to awkward, and I don’t like ordering takeout for one. So I am not sure what I will do as of now. Maybe fly home early or wait it out?

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Five Nil

Another local fuck up on the football pitch this Saturday! My team were playing their life-long rivals on home turf and completely went to pieces after the first five minutes of the game. A far from impressive defence line up may as well not have been there. It was as though they were invisible to the opponents who simply ran rings around them and managed to slip three into the net before half time. The boo’s that came from some of the supporters were probably justified but I don’t think it did much to improve morale amongst the team players because they couldn’t improve on their performance in the second half of the game. If things don’t improve I can see us being in the bottom three again at the end of the season and that certainly won’t please the manager or us loyal supporters. The game ended 5 – 0…what a disgrace.

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Stay Away From it

After having the worst breakup in history, I have decided to completely stay away from relationships and one night stands. Even the one night romances can result in some type of emotional pain if it is the right guy. So I guess the only thing left to solve my intimacy problems is fuck buddy dating. I really do not care what people will think of me for doing it, I just need to steer clear of anything to do with the male species. From what I have learned they only bring pain, drama and endless worry. In all reality every girl could spare herself the heartache by just skipping the relationship and making a simple phone call. Maybe someday I will miss the closeness of a man, but for now I will grieve in peace and stay away from it all.

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A Spectacular Night Out

Leeds escort agency gave me the best gift ever last night. I had called them the day before to book an escort for last night and they had to of gave me the most handsome man they had. Not only was he handsome, but he had the ideal personality and knew exactly what to say to me to keep me blushing. I showed him how to get wild in Leeds and what it was like to truly let loose. The night flew by rather quickly and before I knew it all the bars and clubs were closing. But thankfully I had a bottle of scotch sitting in the freezer at my hotel. The two of us took a taxi back to my room to indulge in shots of old scotch and someone on one time together. The evening was perfect and I can totally foresee myself calling the agency next year when I come to Leeds again.

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Dave’s Special Birthday Surprise

Dave will be 40 years old at the end of next month so all of his friends have planned a special birthday surprise.

Dave has never had a girlfriend, at least not a proper girlfriend. He’s had a few one night stands with girls he has met in some of the pubs in Newcastle but he has never formed a real relationship with any of them. Everyone who knows Dave appreciates just how much he struggles to even talk to girls so for his birthday they have all chipped in a few pounds and have booked two Newcastle escorts to turn up at his party and spend the night with him when everyone else has gone home.

Dave’s friends are hoping that Dave, once he is 40, will really start to enjoy life and spread his wings a bit when it comes to meeting women and taking them out on dates. For him, they are hoping that life really does begin at 40.

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Staffing Agency Appointment

I had an appointment with a staffing agency yesterday and it took me about 15 minutes to get there. They claim that they can find me a decent job making at least $15.00 per hour and that is what I need to be able to live ok. I had to take two copies of my resume, photo identification and fill out about a zillion sheets of paperwork. The staffing manager told me that some of the jobs are only one day and some can be for months at a time, I don’t know if am going to like to bounce around. I will give it a shot and I have to report to them once a week. My only other option if this does not work is to get online and apply to work for the Gateshead escorts agency and become a sex companion to clients. I know that I will definitely be able to live beyond my means!

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Take This Career And Cram It

I did it! I just pranced out of my boss’ office after tossing her my resignation letter. Years of mindless work, thankless tasks, and listening to unbearable tales about my boss’ personal life, all slide off my back. It takes a reckless, gutsy soul to fearlessly tell your ungrateful boss to stuff it. Not everybody has a spirit stout enough to accomplish such a thing. I give myself a mental pat on the back. I can count three ladies in my office who are wishing they were me. ME, with not a care in the world, and on my way to get a mid morning coffee. I stop at the post office on my way, pick up the mail, and see bills. My fancy free feeling begins to sag, and my job exit glow starts to fade. London escort jobs are hard to come by. I need a job and now!

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